New Collection* Sarah Britten

We are very excited to introduce Sarah Britten from South Africa. 
She works in a somewhat unusual medium: lipstick. (Yes, really.)

She started working with it in 2002 and it remained a hobby for several years. It was only when she became involved with a Range Rover campaign in late 2010 that she began to paint cityscapes. This is the first lipstick cityscape she ever painted, for Land Rover’s marketing manager Roland Reid.

Lipstick is wonderful to work with: the colours are extraordinary and its possible to write into the paint to reveal the white board beneth. This allows her to imbue the work with layers of meaning. Ideally each work should grab the viewer on an emotional level at first viewing, and then slowly reveal itself on each subsequent examination. The idea is that the viewer will see something different every time he or she looks at the work. 

 petit morpho_Sarah Britten_Galloping Horse_1999

petit morpho_Sarah Britten_Galloping Horse_1999