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We are now working on a fun project, to turn the artist’s painting into a visual one by a film photography.

Indeed, we need to spend a lot of time for specially tailor-made ordering all beautifully handmade pops from the pops designers from United Kingdom, and Hong Kong; and also a model casting to match to the paintings.

We have a first shooting in Hong Kong at the end of March; the second shooting will be held in Tokyo.

Thanks to all crews, spending plenty much of time, efforts, and love to this project!

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Solitary joy #1~3

Mayumi Inoha latest artwork will be showcased during this week of ART FUTURE 2019, held in Hotel Proverbs in Taipei. This series of Solitary Joy #1~3 are perfect for the collection.

We are located on the 9th Floor in Room #902.


The artist applied 50% gold foil leaf and 50% silver foil leaf on the painting, and it goes gorgeous on the contemporary living room.

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We are excited to bring along five artists aged under 40, to Taipei this upcoming weekend at ART FUTURE 2019, held at Hotel Proverbs Taipei.

We are at Deluxe Room #902

January 18-20/2019
Hotel Proverbs Taipei

Participating Artists:-
Mayumi Inoha (Japan)
Kristiana Parn (New York)
Sumit Mehndiratta  (New Dehli)
Mobykwc (Hong Kong)
Mari Quiñonero (Spain)

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Art Fair Asia 2018

We are thrilled to be one of the galleries to get participated in the Art Fair Asia held in Fukuoka, Japan on the first weekend of September, 7th-9th/2018 at Hotel Okura Fukuoka where the luxurious hotel located in the heart of city-centre.

petit morpho gallery
Room # 916

Participating artist:-
Iria do Castelo (Spain)
Mari Quinonero (Spain)
Ricky Vior (Argentina)
Sumit Mehndiratta (New Delhi)
Mayumi Inoha (Japan)
Fion Wong Puiman (Hong Kong)
Kristiana Parn (New York)

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Ricky Vior
"I like to paint real people. People that I don’t know. I like to paint everyday objects, palm trees, sneakers, tattoos and things like ice creams, water ice creams. I don’t like to paint cars, buildings or chairs. I like to paint the reality as I remember it, not as it is." 

"I like to paint real people. People that I don’t know. I like to paint everyday objects, palm trees, sneakers, tattoos and things like ice creams, water ice creams. I don’t like to paint cars, buildings or chairs. I like to paint the reality as I remember it, not as it is." 

Ricky Vior was born in 1973 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is currently based in Miami, Fl. He studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. In 2008 in Buenos Aires he creates a TINAG ( ThisIsNotaGAllery) the smallest gallery in the world, that showcase art 24/7 through a tiny window. 

Along with Converse, he created two programs to support street artists in Mexico and San Pablo.“Highways”: A project that recovers the spaces under the highways and transforms them into underground galleries and venues, where local artists can show their art and music. “Donate your Shadow”:

After the city forbids the Street art in Sao Paulo, he invited people to donate their shadows to artists, so they could transform them into colorful statements against the gray all around the city. In 2014, he moved to Miami.

His work is a mix of street cultures, languages and colors.

In 2017 he’s been selected as one of the 18 creative leaders in America by Adweek magazine. His work has been exhibited in group shows in galleries and art fairs like ArteBa and Gallery nights in Buenos Aires, Mexico, he also exhibits in San Pablo and Miami.

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Sumit Mehndiratta
Nailed it Series No.81

Nailed it Series No.81

We are happy to announce we have new faces to introduce in the art scenes coming up in both Japan and in Hong Kong.

Sumit Mehndiratta enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. Describing his style of work, the Delhi-based artist avers, “My main genre of work is nature and abstraction, which is prominent in most of the works. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different shapes and colours, and interpret them differently.” 

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Kristiana Parn

We are now having a final preparation of the upcoming Art Fair Asia, held in Fukuoka, Japan; on the first weekend of September 2018. 

Kristiana Parn the latest artwork arrivals, and if you missed her works in the past, please don't miss this valuable chance again to adopt one or in a series.

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Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2018

We will be participating in Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 2018.
The fair will take place at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre welcoming art lovers, art connoisseurs, and art novices alike to discover affordable art by thousands of artists under one roof. Participating galleries come from all over world, bringing their choicest selections to browse, buy, and enjoy.

petit morpho gallery
Booth# G12

Participating Artists:-
Iria do Castelo (Spain)
Mari Quiñonero (Spain)
Mayumi Inoha (Japan)
Kei Mogari (Japan)
Tomoko Tsukui (Japan)
Fion Wong Puiman (Hong Kong)
Kristiana Parn (New York)

Shizue Takehara
Kei Mogari

Latest artworks keep coming in for the upcoming Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.

Kei Mogari' original is one of the worthiest to collect as she is very hot currently in Japan.
This time we have something bright in colours. The concept of this series of artwork is all about how the teenagers feel or describe about Live and Death.

Shizue Takehara
Mari Quiñonero

“If an artwork has reason for being, it is enough with very few elements.”
Alexander Calder

A play.
I love to play.

I feel passion for volumes, shapes, textures, colors and different materials
that allow me to play and define the compositions that make my own
creative universe.

I am completely self-taught and I feel absolute freedom when choosing one
technique or another.

Because the boundaries of my work do not exist in the pencil or the canvas,
but in my own capacity to imagine and feel and express what I have inside.
Always searching visual cleaning in my work, I have a norm that focus my
method of work; If an artwork has reason for being, it is enough with very

We are so thrilled to have Mari Quiñonero from this year.
Her artwork is based on illustration and collage, a fusion of materials and techniques that create a balanced composition. An exercise of volumes and forms searching harmony and pure aesthetic pleasure by combining design and traditional arts.  

Shizue Takehara
Mayumi Inoha Solo Exhibition Hong Kong

Mayumi Inoha Solo Exhibition Hong Kong
March 1 ~ May 31/2017

The South Island Line is now open, linking petit morpho to Admiralty in just 7 minutes!

Mayumi Inoha is a Japanese contemporary artist, who started taking part in international exhibitions in 2010. She draws with no rules, and no orders like scribbling and imitating manga and cartoons. Based on the style, her artworks fuse different elements, such as art and illustration or Japanese and Western paintings, and depict the world seen through Mayumi's filter. She exhibited at the Central Embassy in Bangkok, followed with the Young Art Taipei and Formosa Art Show in 2016.

Private view appointment at +852.3104.2506

Shizue Takehara
New Sculptures!!

These collection are specially created for petit morpho gallery.
If you are interested in these sculptures, please feel free to contact us for the private view.

Most of our artists love to take commission works, and collaboration, so please don't hesitate to discuss further with us.

Thank You!

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More Foxes coming in!

More Foxes coming in from the newest Original art pieces created by New York based artist: Kristiana Parn. We completely sold out all the foxes during the Art Fairs last year, most Westerners love Foxes as they believe Foxes may bring them "LUCK". 

Shizue Takehara
Say Bye! Red Knit Cap Girl

If you have any Original Painting, Prints and Notecards you adopted in the past years, Lucky You!!!  Red Knit Cap Girl series came to discontinue for sales from now on in the worldwide market. The artist, Naoko Stoop is now trying to create other paintings!

Thank you all the way supporting Red Knit Cap Girl since 2008 in petit morpho.

Shizue Takehara
David Gaither

David Gaither works out of his studio located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

His work expresses a bi-polar nature epitomising the dichotomy between chaos and control, blurring the lines between the figurative and the abstract; reality and fantasy.

Maximalism” is the modern day incarnation of the Dadaism movement’s ultra-surrealist, Max Ernst, and shares evolutionary roots with the Nouveau réalisme (New realism) artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.

David’s works have been exhibited all over the world, from leading US cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Atlanta, to as far as Lausanne (Switzerland), Paris (France), Biarritz (France) and Dubai (The United Arab Emirates).

Shizue Takehara
Iria do Castelo

We are very excited to have a new artist from Spain,  joining petit morpho introducing her works in Hong Kong and Japan very soon by holding her First Exhibition in Asia. 
Her works including the woodcuts sculpture and illustration will be available in late July 2015. 

Iria do Castelo is a visual artist who works between sculpture, printmaking, illustration and installation. She uses a surreal language to create figurative sculptures that assemble human bodies, anatomy of wild animals, elements of domestic environment and literature icons, as classics of the XIX Century. She loves books as objects, and objects as fetishes. Her world ranging from Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Jules Verne and inspired by the magic of antiques “Wunderkammer”.

Iria got some important scholarships as the ones from MAC (Contemporary Art Museum Gas Natural Fenosa of La Coruña), from CIEC (International Contemporary Printmaking Center of Betanzos) or from Uttarayan Art Foundation (Vadodara, India). Selected by Antonio López to III Cátedra Extraordinaria Ciudad de Albacete. She has participated in Swab Art Fair (Barcelona), Art Madrid, Room Art Fair (Madrid) or Cuarto Público (Santiago de Compostela) and shows in Rome, New York, México DF, New Delhi or Barcelona.

Shizue Takehara
"Offshore" Kinect Art Project

We came across numerous interesting dance from audiences in the Affordable Art Fair last week.To observe how people react with Offshore is the best way to examine how kinect and art can do when properly fused together.

Now we know how's Offshore work with Gallery white wall. But the real fun thing about hanging art in your home is that there are no real rules.

Some people gravitate to works on painting, photograph or layering in a sculptural element. We wondering how a kinect art will draw the eyes and transform the living spaces into unique environment. To be honest, I like to watch the tiny fishes at night when they are just in free flow. Its another kind of peaceful.

Shizue Takehara
Thank You!!

It was a great success of the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, and we found New Owners for our artworks.  Thank You very much!

After the fair, we are very welcome to receive any inquiry for the artwork we have unsold. Please kindly allow us some time to get organized first, and we open for the showroom visit only by appointment. 

Shizue Takehara
"Hoop Yokai" by Nata Ngai at Art After Dark Evening, May 22 (Fri) 6pm & 8pm

Art just wouldn’t be art without a party!
Pop along to the fun Art After Dark Evening with a range of live art demonstrations and another opportunity to buy art in a relaxed evening setting. 

Performance Time: 6:00pm & 8:00pm, May 22 (Friday), Art After Dark Evening
Hooper: Nata Ngai 


The idea of the project is to provide a new way for hula hoop performers to express themselves when performing. Fit in an RGB LED strip and a microcontroller inside the 3/4’’ HDPE tube, we create possibilities on visual graphics and animations display on a spinning hoop. The goal was very clear. It should be able to do any kind of pre-programmed pattern animations, show simple low resolution graphics in the air as the hoop is moved sideways using persistence of vision, the ultimate approach is to get real time data from motion and gyro sensors inside the hoop to make the microcontroller aware of its own movements in order to create animation patterns based on its rotation and movement in any of the 3 axes.

Hoop movement are fast, the shorter the text and animation, the better continuity of display graphic. Graphics for the Persistence of Vision image display is provided in the form of a 158 x 32 pixels large black and white bitmap.

You can enjoy one of the performances by Nata:

Shizue Takehara
"Kinect Project" by Øyvind Johnsen at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

petit morpho will have a special installation by having Øyvind Johnsen in our booth to have fun with everyone during the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong in May 22-24/2015. 


Øyvind Johnsen born in 1977, Fauske, North Norway. After finished training as a photographer at his young age, he joined Atelier Nord, the running artist residency program for multimedia artists. The open resources and experimental approach to video and animation expanded his possibilities between theoretical knowledge, new technology, and artistic practice. In the four years at Atelier Nord, he was selected as one of the nine artists to collaborate on the video work “Du er her” (You are here) which was showcased in animation film festival in Annecy, France (1999) and “animerte dager” (Animated days) festival, Fredrikstad, Norway (2000).

Having tremendous fun with coding and bringing animation into life, Øyvind continue to integrate digital electronics, micro controllers and all kinds of sensors into his projects. He joined an Oslo / Berlin based design and development company, Code11 as a system architect in 2005. Øyvind works with clients ranging from branding agencies and political parties to environmental organizations, cultivating multiple digital platforms in the campaign. He was commissioned to design multitouch / tangibles based tables for Bellona in COP15, the environmental conference in Copenhagen. As one of the core members in Code11, he is responsible for technology research to implement solutions that are both technologically advanced and creatively inspired. Now he is based in Hong Kong, trying to take the most advantage of being located in one of the top technological capitals on the planet.

Shizue Takehara