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"Kinect Project" by Øyvind Johnsen at Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

petit morpho will have a special installation by having Øyvind Johnsen in our booth to have fun with everyone during the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong in May 22-24/2015. 


Øyvind Johnsen born in 1977, Fauske, North Norway. After finished training as a photographer at his young age, he joined Atelier Nord, the running artist residency program for multimedia artists. The open resources and experimental approach to video and animation expanded his possibilities between theoretical knowledge, new technology, and artistic practice. In the four years at Atelier Nord, he was selected as one of the nine artists to collaborate on the video work “Du er her” (You are here) which was showcased in animation film festival in Annecy, France (1999) and “animerte dager” (Animated days) festival, Fredrikstad, Norway (2000).

Having tremendous fun with coding and bringing animation into life, Øyvind continue to integrate digital electronics, micro controllers and all kinds of sensors into his projects. He joined an Oslo / Berlin based design and development company, Code11 as a system architect in 2005. Øyvind works with clients ranging from branding agencies and political parties to environmental organizations, cultivating multiple digital platforms in the campaign. He was commissioned to design multitouch / tangibles based tables for Bellona in COP15, the environmental conference in Copenhagen. As one of the core members in Code11, he is responsible for technology research to implement solutions that are both technologically advanced and creatively inspired. Now he is based in Hong Kong, trying to take the most advantage of being located in one of the top technological capitals on the planet.

Shizue Takehara