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"Hoop Yokai" by Nata Ngai at Art After Dark Evening, May 22 (Fri) 6pm & 8pm

Art just wouldn’t be art without a party!
Pop along to the fun Art After Dark Evening with a range of live art demonstrations and another opportunity to buy art in a relaxed evening setting. 

Performance Time: 6:00pm & 8:00pm, May 22 (Friday), Art After Dark Evening
Hooper: Nata Ngai 


The idea of the project is to provide a new way for hula hoop performers to express themselves when performing. Fit in an RGB LED strip and a microcontroller inside the 3/4’’ HDPE tube, we create possibilities on visual graphics and animations display on a spinning hoop. The goal was very clear. It should be able to do any kind of pre-programmed pattern animations, show simple low resolution graphics in the air as the hoop is moved sideways using persistence of vision, the ultimate approach is to get real time data from motion and gyro sensors inside the hoop to make the microcontroller aware of its own movements in order to create animation patterns based on its rotation and movement in any of the 3 axes.

Hoop movement are fast, the shorter the text and animation, the better continuity of display graphic. Graphics for the Persistence of Vision image display is provided in the form of a 158 x 32 pixels large black and white bitmap.

You can enjoy one of the performances by Nata:

Shizue Takehara