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Iria do Castelo

We are very excited to have a new artist from Spain,  joining petit morpho introducing her works in Hong Kong and Japan very soon by holding her First Exhibition in Asia. 
Her works including the woodcuts sculpture and illustration will be available in late July 2015. 

Iria do Castelo is a visual artist who works between sculpture, printmaking, illustration and installation. She uses a surreal language to create figurative sculptures that assemble human bodies, anatomy of wild animals, elements of domestic environment and literature icons, as classics of the XIX Century. She loves books as objects, and objects as fetishes. Her world ranging from Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Jules Verne and inspired by the magic of antiques “Wunderkammer”.

Iria got some important scholarships as the ones from MAC (Contemporary Art Museum Gas Natural Fenosa of La Coruña), from CIEC (International Contemporary Printmaking Center of Betanzos) or from Uttarayan Art Foundation (Vadodara, India). Selected by Antonio López to III Cátedra Extraordinaria Ciudad de Albacete. She has participated in Swab Art Fair (Barcelona), Art Madrid, Room Art Fair (Madrid) or Cuarto Público (Santiago de Compostela) and shows in Rome, New York, México DF, New Delhi or Barcelona.

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